Welcome to I Will Step Up

This weekend officially launches IWILLSTEPUP.com. This website has been in the works for about two months and while it is still a work in progress, it is coming along. Tomorrow starts the Daily Word, so please come back every day and check it out.

IWILLSTEPUP.com is specifically calling men to step up into who God designed them to be. This does not mean women should not step up too or that a man's role holds higher significance. Rather, as men we are called to serve women and the church, and therefore need to humble ourselves first by turning to God and allowing Him to lead us toward change. I pray that you will join us in coming before Jesus as a humble servant and follower.

Please share this site with your family, friends, church and community. Like us on Facebook. If you would like a document to read yourself or send to others, click here. Please keep men and their families everywhere in your prayers, and pray for us also. This website is not some big organization; it is simply a few men that desire to serve Jesus and to encourage men to step up into His leading.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email us at share@iwillstepup.com

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