I am a man who must stop living in sin and hiding it.

Read Romans 8:1-17 today. Make some time. I know you are busy and so am I, but we need to stop fitting God into our lives and need to start letting God live through ours.

Here is the compact version reorganized from Romans 8:

When we live in sin our minds focus on sin, and we are hostile to God and therefore we gain death. If we live by the Spirit, we focus on what the Spirit desires, we will gain life and peace and are adopted into the family of God. We have this great position because of the freedom found only in Christ's power over death. That power is what raised Christ from physical death, was the Holy Spirit and that Spirit lives in us. The same power that raised Christ can live in and through you.

If that is the case, why would we ever settle on the desires that come from our flesh? Why would we ever desire to live in them? Why would we ever leave the desires of the Spirit which bring true life and true peace?

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