I know that You need to become more, and I need to become less.

When John the Baptist said these words, Jesus was just about to start His ministry, Jesus has not taught the sermon on the mount, He had not died for our sins, and Had not conquered death in resurrection. He had not sent the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist's words spoke to his role in stepping aside, making room for Jesus. 

These same words in the declaration mean something very different for us. We have the Holy Spirt in us, Jesus resurrection is real and He is living in and through us. When you read the words that we need to become less and He needs to become more, what you should think is about the old self and the flesh versus the new self in Christ. 

We still fight the flesh and we must die daily to ourselves. The must live as raised with Christ in new life everyday. 

Read Colossians 3 today. 
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