"THE FUNK" - Day 2 - To will and to work

To be completely blunt when I recently read Phillipians 2:13, I had no idea what it meant. I understood the simple meaning of, "for it is God who works in you," though we can discuss what that looks like in function. The part that tripped me up is "both to will and to work". What does it mean that God works in us "to will and to work"?

Maybe I'm slow, but even after looking at the Greek word for "will" and seeing it also meant desire and wanting, it had not clicked yet. After reading various translations of this verse, it finally did. 

I had connected this verse with Ephesians 4:6 that says God is over all of us, in us and through us. I really do love this, it's not some angry distant deistic god that we are trying to appease. God can literally be working in and through us, it's not us trying harder. 

When you piece this all with John 15, where Jesus is talking about how He is the vine and we are the branch, it makes sense. We are to stay connected to Him, like a branch to a tree, or a tree to the ground. As we stay connected to Jesus or remain in Him, He will be literally working in us and through us, but Philippians 2:13, is so much cooler the that. 

Not not does Jesus work in and through us, but He gives us the desire to stay connected and to work. When the verse says "to will and to work" it means that  He is providing the will and the way, the desire to and the power to, the wanting to and the strength. 

It would be like a physician telling us that we need to work out and become healthy. And he not only gave us instructions of what to do, but he also pays for our gym membership, and then picks us up and drop us off, and on top of that gives us an energy drink to provide the energy you needed it to work out.

As we get our mind around this, I hope we will begin to get out of "the funk". 

We will continue tomorrow and talking about rock climbing. You will see...
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