"THE FUNK" - Day 3 - Rock climbing

I don't know if you've ever rock climbed either on a real rock face or a fake climbing walls., but today I want us to think about rock climbing.  It will be helpful in piecing together what we talked about yesterday.

Normally when you are rock climbing you are attached to a rope that runs all the way up to the top of the rock face, where it is anchored and goes back down to the person who is helping you from the bottom. The person on the bottom is pulling an slack out as you climb up, as well as giving you guidance. 

So how does this relate to Phillipians 2:13 of "to will and to work"? 

First, the person on the bottom is not there to pull you up the rock, you are actually reaching out and climbing yourself -you aren't dead weight. Likewise in life, we need to reach out and grab that first hold, we need to step out and putting your weight on the first footing. Once you do, the slack of the rope is removed and you do it all over again. We do put forth some effort, but you always have that rope to lean on.

Similarly, there will always be times when we don't feel like reading or praying. What I have found, is I just need to do the first step. Once I open up the bible and start reading, I find the desire and enjoy it. We need to connect to the rope, if we have disconnected, this is the first step, then we can move on to start climbing. 

God is not going to force us, love is a choice. As we begin and continue to climb, we have help, giving us the desire, support and guidance. Not only do we have rope, but we have the guidance and encouragement. We won't be pulled in dead weight, but we aren't doing it all ourselves in our own strength. Let us stay connect to the rope, hear the voice behind us guiding us and keep moving. 

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