"THE FUNK" - Day 4 - Rock Climbing continued

When we think about rock climbing, have you ever had this question: "who climbs up and puts the anchor at the top for everyone else?"

(I hope you have been tracking with my rock climbing analogy, if you haven't been reading, read yesterday's at least. We will be continuing it today.)

One of the big problems with "the funk" is that we often think we have to tackle it by ourselves. When I hit a problem it's normal to think I just need to "man up". And often in our world, we have the attitude of "pulling yourself up by our bootstraps". While I don't think it is articulated this way exactly, Christians can also think this way and when we do, we are missing a big point. 

The truth is, we don't have to climb the rock face alone or with no gear. We don't have to just hope that we will do fine by ourselves. When we do this in real life, when we fall, we fall hard. The beauty of rock climbing done right, is we have a rope, an anchor and guidance. 

With Jesus, we have the same. I don't want to come off cliche or cheesy, but follow me here. Jesus has already climbed up the rock and put the anchor at the top. God came, became man, lived like us, showing the way to live, that we are to follow. He has already went ahead of us, He knows the rock, knows the foot holds and hand holds, He placed the anchor, gave us the rope and is the guidance from the bottom helping us to climb. We need to connect to the rope, hear His guidance and keep climbing on. 

We are not expected to get up the rock alone. We are not called to just try harder. Beautifully, we not only have the way, the anchor, the rope and guidance in Jesus, but we have others climbing the same rock, some ahead of us, some behind. Together we can continue pushing forward together. We are not alone, and we shouldn't act like it. 

Attach to the rope and start climbing. 
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