“All you’ve ever wanted was my heart”?

I don’t know about you, but when I have a new favorite song, I listen to it on repeat - a lot. Recently I have been doing this with with Casting Crowns song, “All You’ve Ever Wanted,” which is where this exact wording comes from. The last five posts in the series have focused on how we sometimes don't think about what we are saying. Looking at this cliché, however, I'd say we don't think about or unpack it enough

If you call yourself a Christian and I asked you, “Have you given Jesus your heart?” I am sure you would answer yes. I feel that often when I hear about giving Jesus our heart, it is in the context of making a decision to believe in Jesus. What I find troubling about this is that we don’t work out this far enough. If we transfer this cliché to a relationship with a spouse or significant other, we would have a hard time saying “I gave you my heart” and then only "want" to spent an hour a week with them.

My point is not to guilt you into thinking that you should go to church more often, read the Bible more or even pray more. My desire is that we transform this cliché into reality. If I were to tell Holly that I love her and that she has my heart, but then I was never home to spend time with her, she would rightfully have doubts. If we have really given Jesus our heart, wouldn't our lives revolve around Him? Wouldn't we want to spend more time with Him and learn more about Him? Wouldn't we seek new, creative ways to show our love? Our love for God isn’t about duty - it's a gift and a privilege and an honor.

When Jesus comes to us and asks, "Do you want a relationship with me?" He is offering the joy and the blessing of being a citizen and coworker in the eternal Kingdom of God. It's such an amazing offer that it is worth it, even though He tells us that it won’t be easy. He tells us that we don’t have to pave the way alone or rely on our own strength. He tells us all we have to do is follow Him and He will give us the strength. This is the beautiful journey that ensues, one that transforms the spoken word of love into action, a journey of what it means to really follow Jesus, and to truly and fully give Him your heart.
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