“I want more of You God”?

I went to a Christian concert last week and heard a worship song that contained the phrase, “I want more of you God.” After singing it a few times, I eventually stopped singing and thought about what I was actually saying. I can be guilty of repeating words without thinking about their meaning. Personally there is an unspoken assumption that if I am at church or a Christian event, anything said or sung must automatically be right. Yet, I can’t help but question is the phrase, “I want more of you God” a truth we should be saying?

I realize you may think that I am over-thinking this, but I believe it is important to not under-think it either. Does this cliché found in worship songs, perhaps in various forms and wordings, have any truth behind it? I can’t find that phrase in the Bible or find any place that would imply it’s a true concept. I think the closest we could find would be a few Old Testament references of anticipation of the promised Messiah. I am sure for the 400 years of silence before Jesus came, this phrase could have been said, but it is not recorded.

The truth is much greater than this phrase. We do not live under the Old Covenant in the Old Testament, but in and under the New. Jesus came and inaugurated His Kingdom and we are called to follow Him and His example. God can’t give us more of Himself, since He gave everything including His life on the cross. The absolute beauty of the cross is that it is not the end, but rather the means. The forgiveness that is available through the cross was never the whole purpose. That forgiveness allows us to be citizens and coworkers in His Kingdom. That forgiveness is the means to the end, allowing us to continue the mission that Jesus started in bringing His Kingdom to earth.
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