“Christianity is not a religion but a relationship”?

What do we mean by the phrase, "Christianity is not a religion but a relationship”? While this cliché is heard often, I think it is more true that we think and we should unpack it a lot more than we normally do. We last discussed what it meant to give Jesus your heart, which obviously describes a relationship. I want to clearly say that Christianity isn’t a religion in the sense that there is a to-do list and a not-to-do list. Instead Christianity is about following Jesus, not an idea, but an actual person. 

Often in Gospel presentations it is said that all we have to do is say a few magical sentences and we instantly have a relationship. My point is not to necessarily disagree, but to expand. I think if we pause and think about a normal relationship we will more fully understand our relationship with Jesus. 

In normal life, I could not just walk up to a random stranger and become instant best friends in a one-way, short discourse. It’s not possible to fully form a real relationship in a few sentences. Though we can begin a relationship in that way, it is certainly not a fully developed friendship. Likewise saying a few sentences won’t instantly give us a complete 

A relationship with Jesus is much more like any friendship you have made in your life. Yes, it starts with words, but it doesn’t stop there. For one, it can’t be a one sided conversation, you don’t randomly approach someone, talk to them for a minute and walk away. We can’t develop a close relationship unless its two sided. That first conversation is the not end, but the beginning. An awesome beginning to the journey that is our relationship with God. This relationship doesn’t started with us, it starts with Him, who actually desires us to get to know Him, follow Him and become like Him. 

 Jesus isn’t interested in what your Facebook status says under the category of religion. He isn’t interested in lip service of what you claim to believe. He isn’t even that concerned about how perfect of a theology you believe in. He cares more about how we are walking with Him. He cares more about us looking like Him and showing others the love that He showed to us. He cares more about us continuing the mission that He came for. A mission in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth with every action of His followers. This is why Jesus doesn’t want a relationship in word or label, but one in function, a relationship that He offers to us all.
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