The Twisted Bible: Part 1

Is the Bible inerrant? There are few other questions more divisive in Conservative Christian circles. Me just asking this question might put you already on edge. To put you at ease, I am not going to argue that it is not, but ask a few follow up questions before we dive into how English translations often have been twisted. 

1) What does inerrant even mean? Inerrant means without error. Almost all doctrinal statements state that the Bible is completely without error. Which leads us to ask:

2) Which Bible is inerrant? Is there one English translation that is perfect? Some claim that the King James Version is without error and is better than even the original languages. The fact is every English translation makes choices which means equates into debates, as we will see in this series. When all is boiled down, many might claim that the original autographs (first copies written by Luke, Paul, etc) were perfect. The problem is we do not have any of those, which means this is a theory. I personally do not have a problem with this theory, but we need to be honest with what we are claiming. 

3) Can we trust the Bible as the inerrant Word of God? As I have argued here, the Word of God is generically the message of God, specifically the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, which is namely Jesus as found in the Bible. This long distinction is necessary, for when we see this we understand that children can capture the inerrant Word of God, the Gospel, in a story Bible, where they see Jesus even if the words have been changed. 

Regardless of opinions on if the Bible is inerrant or what the Word of God is, I hope we can set down legalism and focus on what it looks like to follow Jesus. Please know there is no requirement to land on a certain answer to move forward in this series. My intentions are these:

1) See the beauty and the complexity behind the words written in the Bible. 
2) Realize the Gospel of the Kingdom of God far surpasses our discussion of translations. 
3) Some words of our English translations of the Bible have been twisted, censored or mistranslated.

I realize claiming that certain words in English translations have been mistranslated is a large claim. My claim is not founded on how smart I am or how many degrees I have, but on the same claim that anyone can state when they desire to study themselves. My claim is actually not very grand, anyone can use online resources and study words that stick out to them and see that some have been twisted. 

I hope that this series will cause you realize how dynamic, living, active and powerful the Bible is. I pray that the see its beauty and boldness and run with it, in the direction of Jesus the Messiah. I ask that you still with me and see the journey that I have been on with my prized possession, my Bible. Lastly, please do not take my word for it, study and prove yourself approved. 

Study to show yourself approved unto God, 
a worker who has no need to be ashamed, 
rightly handling the word of truth. 
- 2 Timothy 2:15
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